[Bev’s post] Colorado—always our home base


Pikes Peak_Colorado_Pixabay

Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs, CO—Photo source: Pixabay

We love Colorado and it’ll always be our home base! It’s beautiful here and we’ve considered it home since Paul and I both moved here 1979 (we didn’t know each other then, but…). So we are NOT abandoning Colorado AT ALL. Our plans are to keep our home base HERE and then travel extensively to see parts of the US and Canada that we maybe couldn’t afford to visit otherwise if we took into account airplane, hotel, and other fees.

Plus, Paul and I plan to use our talents on the road, doing what we know how to do best—for me, that’s writing, blogging, editing, and publishing; for Paul, it’s videography, photography, and art. Not surprisingly, a lot of creative types such as ourselves have taken to traveling in RVs and earning their keep on the road, since the type of work all of us do isn’t tied to being in ONE particular spot. We may also do workkamping as well. We both have abilities that we could use to lend a hand at camping/RV facilities and parks.

I’ve been connected to the writing and publishing industry for 18 1/2 years. I can write, publish, teach, or consult from anywhere. Paul has been a videographer and illustrator for many years as well (since before we met!). He can do those things anywhere as well. Why not put our talents to use as we visit places and take in the scenery?

Once we begin our journey in earnest (and again, it may take a bit before we get the RV and officially shove off for excursions), we plan to populate our existing YouTube channels with videos from our travels. wink emoticon

A long time ago, many people told me becoming a freelancer was a silly notion—just a dream. I didn’t listen. Now, over 18 years later, I’m still doing it. Dreams cannot become solid, concrete reality unless you decide that you’ll make it happen SOMEHOW, SOME WAY. There is a way to make this a reality. This is our journey toward finding the HOW and the WAY. Paul and I already know the WHYs—at least for us.


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