About Ghouls on the Go

Bev and Paul April 2016

Hi, we are Bev & Paul. We like to travel and explore new places. We’re an adventurous couple into alternative stuff, like metal/goth, horror, the paranormal, and ghost hunting. We are introverts, gamers, geeks, and nerds (well, Paul is the geek and Bev is the nerd). We are also the owners and team leads for the well-established Colorado Springs Paranormal Association.

We’re self-employed creatives who write, edit, illustrate, and shoot video for a living. We are parents to two adult children, a daughter who lives in Colorado and a son who lives in Chicago, IL. We are owned by four canines: Cosmo, Loki, Panda, and Freya. We also have an elderly black cat named Isis.

Join us on our Ghouls on the Go website and travel blog for bits and bites regarding our travels, both near and far. We purchased our first RV in January 2016 and hit the road soon after. We are full-time RVers who gave up the traditional American lifestyle to live, work, and travel across the United States. We document our experiences both here and on our YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe!

Feel free to comment or offer traveling advice/tips if you have them!

Bev & Paul – Ghouls on the Go
Home base=Colorado Springs, CO



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