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To contact Bev for freelance writing, blogging, editing, or writing instruction, send her an e-mail or visit her site at http://www.motherofcrows.com

I’m Bev and I’ve been a professional writer and editor for over 19 years. If you’ve written something for publication and you need a professional edit or proofread without busting your budget, I’m a great choice. Here are the services I provide:

Articles or blog posts — $25 and up, depending on word count. Contact me for a quote!
Copy editing — $2 per double-spaced page (must adhere to standard ms. format)
Proofreading — $1.50 per double-spaced page (must adhere to standard ms. format)
Resumes — $20* (*One page only; additional pages are $5 extra)
Professional writing courses – $20 per week and up. E-mail me for current course selection and details.
Miscellaneous writing or editing projects not covered here — $25 per hour and up.

Before you contact me, please note: I’m an editor and proofreader, not a ghostwriter. I will not rewrite or write your manuscript for you. A deposit for half the editing or proofreading fee is expected upfront. PayPal or credit/debit card preferred. Ready to begin? E-mail me at nocturnaleditor (at) gmail.com. Send no more than five pages of your work for a sample edit or proofread. I look forward to hearing from you.


Cthulhu enthroned by Paul

Cthulhu Enthroned by Paul T. Sninchak


To contact Paul for illustration, videography, and video editing services, send him an e-mail or visit our Ghouls on the Go website at http://www.ghoulsonthego.com

I’m Paul and I’ve been a professional videographer and video editor for over a decade. If you need a commercial for your business or organization, I can help you. Authors, if you need a book promo video for your latest release at an affordable price, contact me. 

Full video production—$30 per hour
Video editing—$30 per hour
Miscellaneous projects—$30 per hour and up, depending on the specifics of the project.

Things to consider prior to contacting me: a signed contract will always be required before I begin work. A deposit for half the videography/video editing job is required upfront. The remainder is payable upon completion of the project. I prefer credit card/debit/PayPal payments. If you pay by check, the funds must clear before work begins. When you’re ready, send me an e-mail or call 719.357.8411. Please leave a message if your call isn’t answered by a live person (that would be me or Bev, of course). Looking forward to hearing from you!